Abel - The Vampire Wizard


A young human wizard raised by an orc wizard, he betrayed his master and stole his spellbook, killing him and escaping with the adventurers who chased the bandits out of the valley. Barely remembering anything other than labor and magic, the wizard traveled for a long time, ultimately studying necromancy in an attempt to resurrect his lost family.

Unfortunately, his quest for power led to him falling twice, each time deeper into an evil that was no longer himself.

The first turned him into a beast of the night - a vampire. Abel was always cautious about how he obtained blood, and somehow never once was caught.

The second ripped his literal soul into pieces and formed a physical boundary for a demon.

Abel’s existence still survives, but it is not present, and lays dormant within his body.

The Demon continued Abel’s quest for power, feeding off the wizard’s ambition and empowering further his arcane prowess until finally, one of the former adventurers who sought to end his former rival’s clutch upon his friend, succumbed to his dark desire, and then was in turn locked forever in a paradimensional maze - the only key a unique spell known only to the Grey Lich, the only historically recorded lich whose presence does not despoil nature.

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