Adventurer's Guild plans

Hey y’all, one of the things I plan to do is create a Job Board post for arranging open hooks for plot lines!

Do you have any input on how you want this to work?

Was thinking about the following:

  • Once per month, jobs are posted and added
  • If narratively relevant to the world, jobs will get removed
  • Jobs will be posted by me
  • Job ideas will be submitted elsewhere- you can either submit a quest for something you want to do, or give me hints about the kinds of things you want to do, or if your character is the quest giver, we can discuss it and you can post it
  • Jobs will typically be month-long threads, with the expectation that taking a job means finishing it within the next month

I’m hoping to create a sense of an overarching narrative of sorts and help make Kobold Town as a setting feel more alive while having an official mechanism for doing so for folks through the guild itself.

If that sounds cool, feel free to dump any ideas you got here!

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