adventurer's guild rp idea

anyone want to start a story around being adventurers in an adventurer’s guild?

been thinking about the best way to kick off a more public FES game and it’s the best I got

position ideas:

  • secretary
  • guildmaster
  • stockmaster (inventory + hunt disassembly + equipment crafter)
  • other adventurers

and we can just fill the gaps of any positions with npcs

:eyes: i’d maybe have 2 make another oc bc i’m not sure how well lark or mi-reu (tho maybe mi-reu?) would fit in this but :eyes: nonetheless

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what kind of adventuring do you want to focus on? like monster hunts, or courier/bodyguard missions, or scouting/disaster recovery, or…

i could do like, Anything tbh tho i know mi-reu wouldn’t be thrilled about Hunting monsters per se. (if i were to use him that is)

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what if the adventurer’s guild is committed to sustainable management of monsters… sort of like predator management in natural resources IRL

so it’s not about simply hunting them, but making sure they can thrive without becoming a threat to people/non-wild animals…

which would include domestication and study

ok so im gonna write up some stuff before my next stream… if anyone is interested in rping any of the position-holding roles hmu, but im gonna make some characters for them live on stream either friday or saturday…!!!

the way it will work:

there will be a main thread for the guild itself- it will work kind of like yr classic tavern rp - and people can get QUESTS and advance yr rank in the guild!

I’ll be coming up with adventure hooks to post regularly there, and try to make it feel like a living breathing place over time!