boy howdy anime has been good this year

i’ve been watching Dr. Stone and it does such a great job with the use of REAL science as a shounen powerup system

I can’t believe they’re already tackling the ability to turn people into stone this season!!! It’s gotta be fiction but i wonder how they’re going to explain it since most of the rest of the show has pretty reasonable purview for “things and abilities that can exist in real life” even if it’s doing really extreme examples… so how are they gonna explain it? is it gonna be just a fictional process? so many questions!!!

that sounds awesome

im preparing a list of things to watch when i am recovering from top surgery lol

animes included in that list are

  • My Hero Academia S4+ the rest to catch up
  • Chainsaw Man (i used to read it but fell off and THEN IT GOT A SHOW? so i need to see it)
  • One Piece starting at the mermaid arc, dubbed preferably

Dr Stone looks cool im looking at a trailer on this list of current anime out rn hahaha

I need to get my friends crunchyroll info again so i can find cozy anime.

Have you ever seen “My Roommate Is A Cat?” must watch…made me cry lol

also Pui Pui Molcar is definitely on the list to catch up on with my gf.

ALso going to rewatch the first season.

Im so excited

its a lil stop motion anime with guinea pigs as living cars in the normal universe otherwise lol

uuuufcckkk ok i need to watch mha i guess if you’re going to put up with the grossness of how it treats trauma

omg i’ve been meaning to watch pui pui molcar!!! i’ve heard it’s MEGA adorbs…

and SPEAKING of mega adorbs, i watched a good chunk of spy x family with a friend and it was SO fucken cute (most of the time) but god. really good show, i wanna watch more but i am so Bad at just sitting down and Watching things augh

spy family is the best

i would DIE for anya holy wow. and the DOG :pleading_face:

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