Dice Rolling is here!!! - How to roll Dice

Thanks to Firedrake for their copy & contributions to the source code!

How to roll dice (FES)

[fes [+-]X Ya Zd] will roll a 2d6 Fantasy Entertainment System roll.

  • X is the static bonus that adds or subtracts from the roll total.
  • Y is the number of advantages (default 0 if omitted)
  • Z is the number of disadvantages (default 0 if omitted),

The roller will automatically add +1 for every dice roll match, or -1 if your total advantage is negative.

Appropriate Forum Usage

Because the system switches the user of the post that a roll is made in, it is currently advised to NOT perform the roll in your post, but instead first make a post declaring actions, then make a second post with a roll.

I might be able to build the system to do this in the future so it’s clearer who the author of the post is, but for now we only have inline rolls that switches your user.

How to roll dice (General)

In a post, type [roll 2d6] - when the post is submitted, the plugin will calculate the rolls. As standard, the post will become owned by System to prevent further editing; functionality to reply with a new post instead is under development.

Roll any reasonable number of dice of any size - [roll 5d10] [roll 3d4] [roll d20] all do what you’d expect.

Also [roll d%] and [roll 4dF] (a dF, used in FUDGE and FATE, has the linear range -1…1).

Also add or subtract integers: [roll 4d6+4], [roll d10-1].

Also [stress 4], [stress 4+7] – this is an Ars Magica stress die. First parameter is the number of botch dice to be rolled in case of a potential botch, second parameter is added to the total.

Also [genesys X], for the Genesys/Star Wars RPGs: X is a sequence of letters and numbers, with optional spaces. Results are both listed individually and summed.

  • U - blUe, boost die
  • U2 - 2 blue dice (etc.)
  • G - Green, ability die
  • Y - Yellow, proficiency die
  • B - Black, setback die
  • P - Purple, difficulty die
  • R - Red, challenge die
  • W - White, force die

Also [totd X], for Doctor Who: Time of the Daleks. X is the colours of dice (B black, G green, U blue, R red), with multipliers as above: B4GU2 is four black, one green, two blue.

Also [battle X], Memoir '44 battle dice. X is the number of dice to roll.

More generally for dice pools: [pool XdY] (roll X dice each numbered from 1 to Y, collate the results)

and for custom dice [pool X;A,B,C] (roll X dice each with custom faces A, B, C, collate the results); if a face should occur more often, duplicate it in the list.

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@silas asked for a die roll:

2d6: 4 + 2 = 6

Here’s an etiquette post about how to correctly use the dice roller.

This post itself would normally be a writeup of what a character is doing - you know, roleplay.

After that, if you have a dice roll to maneuver (you don’t always have to!) you can follow up your second post with the relevant modifiers to any challenges in your first post.

This makes it easier to identify who the poster is.

At some point, I will fix it so that it doesn’t edit your post, and instead responds with a new post so you don’t have to think about it as much.

Now my character is going to start combat.

@kobold asked for a die roll:

Rolling to strike the foe.

+5 Strength
+3 PL (Proficient in combat)

Advantages: 2

  • Path: Martial
  • I snuck up on him

Disadvantages: 1

  • This is the first time I’ve ever hit someone

3d6kh2+8: 4 + 2 + 6 = 18