Emeterrus, the Unaware Mudblood [WIP]

Name: Emeterrus, Unawarely Mudblooded

Sheet Version: v0.6


A half-breed of Kobold and Dragon- Shorter than the average dragon, and taller than the average kobold. He’s also quite ravenous due to many of his similarities with both; he also has the lack of gag reflex, allowing him to even eat large meals with little issue.

Abilities & Aspects

Proficiency Level (PL) Physical Health (HP) Metaphysical Health (MP) Will
3 8 5 4
Power Agility Fortitude Willpower Cunning Ego
5 1 4 4 2 3
Aspect Attribute Explanation
Strength Agility Advantage on any roll using this attribute.
Vulnerability Ego Disadvantage on any roll using this attribute.
Defense Fortitude Attacks targeting this attribute do not suffer disadvantage.
Will Willpower Attacks targeting this attribute do not suffer disadvantage. You gain a pool of points equal to this attribute that you can choose to add to rolls before rolling, which recovers when you suitably rest and recover.


Path of Worldwise


Dragon: Winged, tailed… though, he’s not tall.
Caring: He cares… almost too much.
Forgiving: He will usually drop a conflict, even running with ‘forgive and forget’ as a motto.


Socially Inept: Isolated living makes him terrible at interactions with others. He frequently comes as blunt and ill-mannered.


Farmers’ Life: Living in isolate, as opposed to being an urchin, he would know much about agriculture, and plants he lived in and around, making a decent living.

Lakbrekyr: A multifaceted tool he achieved from his farming life, fashioned from knowledge gained from a belated step-father’s book. It has a blunt end, a hexagonal hammerhead, and two claws on its other end- both scythes ending in pickaxe-like flat heads. This thing, while heavy, is a marvel of his skill; it can pierce with the pick-heads, slash with the scythe, and bludgeon with the hammer. He usually does not like combat, although.

Druidic Knowledge: As for submitting to the world around him, he knows many natural spells, including simple naturomancy- the manipulation of plant life- and geomancy, the manipulation of the earth. He also knows some simple healing spells, and medicine made from herbs; it may take a long while to make the medicines, of course!


Last of his Kin: The rest of his family has all died. He saw his nine siblings murdered, as he was the smallest and got away. His father was, unfortunately, behind all of it, though died of old age. Emeterrus never knew this, though he knew his mother was hanged for some reason that was never disclosed.

Hopeless Romantic: Despite every attempt he’s ever made, the lad seems to have bad luck at all sorts of relationships. He’s practically given up on love, and doesn’t expect to get a true lover anymore, and thinks he’s been cursed.

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does he need character love interests? if he’s a hopeless romantic there must be someone out there he’s gonna find interest in right

Oh, I might have the definition wrong for hopeless romantic if that’s the case

I was thinking more despite his attempts, he’s never had someone want him. Love interests would be welcome! He’d probably prefer females- or at least those with the capability for him to reproduce with, as he wants to continue his bloodline.

fun! hit me up once we’ve played a bit if you wanna chat about characters