Evrehla Character Sheet

Name: Evrehla

Sheet Version: v0.6


Evrehla is a 3’6" catbold who weighs 39 lb. Her fur has a smattering of color, including bubblegum pink, lavender, and egg-white. Her fur is pretty fluffy, but it doesn’t stand out too far from her scaled parts. Bits of scales that show through the fur are dark pastel orange, and her stubby head-horns are a similar but brighter hue. Her tongue and nose are bright lavender, and her eyes are charcoal grey.

Abilities & Aspects

Proficiency Level (PL) Physical Health (HP) Metaphysical Health (MP) Will
3 4 8 5
Power Agility Fortitude Willpower Cunning Ego
1 4 2 3 5 4
Aspect Attribute Explanation
Strength Willpower Advantage on any roll using this attribute.
Vulnerability Power Disadvantage on any roll using this attribute.
Defense Agility Attacks targeting this attribute do not suffer disadvantage.
Will Cunning Attacks targeting this attribute do not suffer disadvantage. You gain a pool of points equal to this attribute that you can choose to add to rolls before rolling, which recovers when you suitably rest and recover.


Path of Magic.


Catbold, cook, abjurer, shrewd.

Traits are single word descriptors that describe what you are to the world. Choose 3 when you start.
Traits can represent but are not limited to: species, race, job, class, profession, reputation, personality, etc.
Any dice roll relevant to a trait allows that trait to grant advantage.

Traits can be naturally acquired or changed as your character experiences their life. For balance reasons, you should stick to one trait per proficiency level, but there’s no hard limit.



A flaw is a trait that grants disadvantage.

When initially creating your character, you may gain a flaw to add an extra trait.

Flaws can be naturally acquired or changed as your character experiences their life. For balance reasons, you shouldn’t acquire more flaws than your proficiency level.

A flaw can be the same word as a trait.


Acquisitions are temporary or permanent things or effects that don’t come from who you are as a person. Anything you have listed here means that your character has acquired them in some way due to inherent traits or experiences. See also: FES: Acquisitions and Traumas

  1. Shillelagh: Evrehla has a common shillelagh she uses for standard combat. It’s a knotted wooden staff etched with reminders of her travels.
  2. Spelljack: As a magical ability is used, Evrehla makes a Cunning check to hijack its potency. On a success, she gains one of the following options:
  • Spelljack: Copy: She can immediately copy the ability, given it is within her proficiency level…
  • Spelljack: Edit: She can change a number of words in the ability’s description equal to her proficiency level. Alternatively, she can reroll any damage dealt, taking the new result.
  • Spelljack: Sanctuary/Torture: She can grant advantage or disadvantage for 1 target within an area of effect.
  • Spelljack: Steal: She can counter an ability within her proficiency level. When countered in this way, she can cast it later. She only has the capacity to retain 1 stolen ability at a time.
  1. Psychic Beam: Evrehla can make psychic attacks against seen creatures.
  2. Magic Bonfire: Evrehla can summon a magically-sustained bonfire or cooking pit. The summoned object only lasts while she concentrates, and the bonfire can be used to shoot gouts of flame at nearby targets.
  3. Premonition: While concentrating, Evrehla can detect the presence of the nearest intelligent creatures, up to a number equal to her proficiency level.


Traumas are temporary or permanent afflictions that are hindering your character. See previous link for more info.

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whoa!!! psychic kitty!!!

are you aware the recommended starting PL is 3? making sure you are making a conscious choice there!

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Oh, my bad. Thank you!