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please ask me questions if anything is unclear so far

@kobold i have a dumb question actually: obvs it’s call the Fantasy Entertainment System, but could it be adapted to other settings as well? modern, cyberpunk, etc etc etc. seems like it could to me but :0

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SORRY FOR DOUBLEPOSTING but what’s the best way to determine a character’s pl? i know you said that 3 is like your average beginner adventurer but what are some other touchstones? what’s an immortal, nigh-unbeatable deity’s pl?

yes, it probably could be used in other systems pretty easily!

originally i was building the system WAY differently like 5 years ago but my new version of it with its concepts super trimmed down feels much nicer and more adaptable to me

this is a tough question, one i’ve had to think about a lot

I think the concept of an untouchable god stems more from their acquisition of godhood than from their innate capacity as a person - it’s probably safe to say that being a god gives you a silly bonus in situations where godhood grants you advantage over a challenge - i’d experiment with like 5 or 6 extra advantage dice there.

proficiency level isn’t intended to measure like, a character’s acquisition of power - but rather, it’s intended to be a catch all measurement of “how competent is this person in using things they’re trained in?”

My kind of ideal progression goes from 1-7 for a mortal person, but I could easily see going up to 12 for an extreme campaign. 1 = child, 2 = teen or inexperienced adult, 3 = prepared adventurer, then 4-7 is just mastery of your domain of expertise.

In general, the whole concept of difficulty in the game is balanced around the player’s personal conception of an average difficulty being a total of 14 when you roll. The consequence of this is that a maxed out adventurer, no longer being average, is effectively guaranteed to succeed given training and expertise in the ability that the adventurer is rolling a challenge for.

The breakdown there is PL = 7, Minimum dice roll without advantage = 3, and the median stat = 4, which in total brings you to 14!

oh that SLAPS honestly, partly bc more adaptable = more people can use it?? maybe??? and partly bc while im having fun with Lark and Mi-reu so far, i am a lot more Used to more modern settings (and even beyond modern like cyberpunk esque ones) so being able to use it regardless is nice ;v;

im doubleposting again uwu

oh this helps me A LOT actually, thank you SO so much!! :0

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