FES character workshop 2023-08-26 6pm - Adventurers Guild!

any interest in hanging out in discord to work on characters?

:eyes: :eyes: :eyes:

oh i’d LOVE to do that if i have time!!! :0

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Here’s a poll for times, it’ll be an hour for character creation and an hour for group rp

all times are pacific!

  • Monday 8/21 6-8pm
  • Tuesday 8/22 6-8pm
  • Wednesday 8/23 6-8pm
  • Thursday 8/24 6-8pm
  • Friday 8/25 6-8pm
  • Saturday 8/26 10am-12pm
  • Saturday 8/26 12-2pm
  • Saturday 8/26 2-4pm
  • Saturday 8/26 4-6pm
  • Saturday 8/26 6-8pm
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here’s da rules if you need a link FES: Game Basics & Page Index

insanely excited for this and hoping i’ll be able to make it!!!

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looks like we’re doing saturday 6-8!!


Welcome to the graduating adventurers class of 2023!

We’ll be introducing your characters to one another and helping each other develop ourselves and our backstories.


All times Pacific:
  • 6:00-6:45pm - character creation
  • 6:45-7:00pm - break and chat, meta discussion about how we best collaborate
  • 7:00-8:00pm - in-character roleplay! we’ll be in chat on discord or available via forums as you please.


  1. Think of a character of one of four paths to choose what your character has an advantage on actions. Martial, Expertise, Magic, and Worldwise.
  2. Fill out a character sheet by 7:00pm.
  3. Keep the rules handy.
  4. Ask any questions you like about how to play or where to find mechanical instructions in the rules!


  • Join the discord! Kobold Town
  • Create an account on the site! It is currently open for registration.

How to contact me

  1. https://wyx.gay
  2. Replying here is okay!