Games I want to play

This is where i’m going to start putting links to games i want to check out at some point!

Here’s my first one: cohost! - "Cow Life Sim RPG Early Access Version OUT NOW"


hi im going to toss an upcoming game i want really bad and will stream when it comes out

Mika and the Witch’s Mountain !!!

its coming out ~some time in 2023~ and its kikis delivery service inspired meets wind waker esque render style of cute anime witches…god im so inspired for my webcomic character from this

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wait as in you made the art for it??? omg

no i edited that cuz i worded it weird lol

i used to follow the artist on twitter tho!!! they are so nice!!!


i know u’ve played it (and i have yet to buy it rip) but obligatory shill for The Game of Fourtune bc i am friends with the lad who made it!!

another game on my wishlist that i’ve heard nothing but good things about is The Excavation of Hobb’s Barrow. point n click horror puzzle game!!!

finally in the games i don’t yet own category, i’ve heard awesome things about Cassette Beasts as well!!! what if millennials made pokemon, basically. with a fusion mechanic!! and banger music from what i’ve heard!!

as for games i already own and want to play (more of)…

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hella good list

HEY REMEMBER THIS??? i’m OBSESSED with this game right now. i’ve already played 12 hours and that’s a Lot for me lmao. REALLY good game. love the mechanics and qol features

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damn nice!!! i’ve just seen people talk about it but haven’t really checked it out