Lark, the Fair + FES Chara Sheet

art by hatonni

Name: Lark (goes by other bird names too)
Gender: Genderless • they/them
Species: Dragon, of some sort
Occupation: Wizard
Age: Timeless
Orientation: Pansexual
Length/Build: 6’5" • Noodly

Strengths: Intelligent, Passionate, Efficient
Weaknesses: Fragile, Egotistical, Unempathetic


  • collecting maps
  • studying magic
  • pressing flowers
  • playing the harp
  • gardening


  • birds
  • flowers
  • decadence
  • the color purple
  • pomegranates


  • having their fur messed up
  • games of random chance
  • alcohol
  • inaccurate maps
  • bards

Backstory: haven’t gotten that far yet LOL. they live in a tower that’s all i know so far. i really want to adapt them to a ttrpg and make a profile for them but the dragonborn in d&d are… Lacking.

Name: Lark, the Fair

Sheet Version: v0.6


Lark is a long, noodly, furred dragon of some sort, with fur that curls at the longer parts and ranges from cream to tan. They have four legs and a long tail that ends in a curled tuft of fur. They have two pairs of dark brown horns on their head, one pair shorter and curling forward and up, the other longer and going backward. Their eyes are purple, their nose, eyebrows, and claws are also dark brown. They are almost always wearing a purple cloak that is much longer in the front than in the back, to fit their body shape, and always covered to some degree in flowers. Birds are also very fond of them, tending to land on/near them.

They live high in a wizard’s tower in the skies, that is also able to be transported with them.

Abilities & Aspects

Path Physical hit points Metaphysical hit points
Magic 4 8
Proficiency Level (PL) Physical Health (HP) Metaphysical Health (MP) Will
3 4 8 4
Power Agility Fortitude Willpower Cunning Ego
1 3 2 4 5 4
Aspect Attribute Explanation
Strength Cunning Advantage on any roll using this attribute. / Lark is exceedingly smart, though they don’t always act it.
Vulnerability Strength Disadvantage on any roll using this attribute. / Noodly and long, they don’t have much in the way of muscle, preferring to do things magically.
Defense Agility Attacks targeting this attribute do not suffer disadvantage. / However, they are fairly quick, using that to their advantage to get out of the way of danger.
Will Ego Attacks targeting this attribute do not suffer disadvantage. You gain a pool of points equal to this attribute that you can choose to add to rolls, which recovers when you suitably rest and recover. / Lark is incredibly vain, causing them to see themself perhaps somewhat Better than they actually are.

Path: Magic


  • Dragon: Lark is a dragon, probably, of some sort! As a dragon, they’re probably immortal* or something. (as in, ageless but can be killed). They can’t breathe fire, but they do have sparkly purple flowery magic.
  • Wizard: Lark is magical! Whether innate or learned (honestly a bit of both), they have a large amount of magical power that they’re able to harness for various needs. It’s always purple and sparkly though. They also have knowledge of many supernatural and occult things due to their studies.
  • Fair: The fact is, Lark is exceedingly gorgeous, and this time, it isn’t an inflated view of themself. Their beauty is often remarked upon, and because of it they are often able to get information/favors/gifts out of people that others may not be able to. Also, birds LOVE them.
  • Green Thumb: Lark is a skilled gardener, able to grow most anything easily (with the help of magic, natch). Knows a lot about foliage and flowers of all sorts.


  • Egotistical: Lark has a HUGE ego and it somewhat often comes back to bite them in the ass. Tends to think more of themself than maybe they should, overestimating their abilities and underestimating those of others.



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Wizard Tower:

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Magic Cloak:

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Enchanted Garden:

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Gardening Knowledge:

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Spell List:

penis blast

  • Effect: dfgdfgdfg
  • Duration: dfgdfgdfg
  • Limits: dfgdfgdfg

small your dick

  • Effect: dfgdfgdfg
  • Duration: dfgdfgdfg
  • Limits: dfgdfgdfg


  • None (Yet :} )


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please share your magical weed with me lark

the greatest spells

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