Mi-reu Ra, Beastmaster

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Name: Mi-reu Ra
Gender: Trans man • he/him
Species: Elf
Occupation: Beastmaster
Age: 69 (looks/acts in early 20s) • 4/14
Orientation: Bisexual
Length/Build: 5’4" • Lithe

Strengths: Loyal, Strong Sense of Justice, Empathetic
Weaknesses: Impulsive, Unsocialized, Heart Over Mind


  • taming and befriending animals
  • herbalism
  • fingerpainting
  • bamboo carving & Nakjukjang (pyrography)
  • storytelling


  • animals, beasts, critters!
  • honey
  • the smell of leather
  • little trinkets
  • the great outdoors


  • big words & long books
  • incense
  • storms
  • taxidermy
  • being inside for too long

Backstory: born to two elves. family killed by evil wizard. (reason: ???) raised in woods by animals before being forcefully integrated into common society. still prefers animals to people.

Name: Mi-reu Ra, Beastmaster

Sheet Version: v0.6


Mi-reu Ra is a tan-skinned elf with green shoulder-length hair kept back in a ponytail and orange monolidded eyes. He has pointy teeth from attuning to animals, and various piercings, mostly in his pointy ears. Tends to wear lots of leather on his lithe, wiry frame.

Abilities & Aspects

Path Physical hit points Metaphysical hit points
Expertise 7 4
Proficiency Level (PL) Physical Health (HP) Metaphysical Health (MP) Will
3 7 4 4
Power Agility Fortitude Willpower Cunning Ego
3 5 4 4 2 1
Aspect Attribute Explanation
Strength Agility Advantage on any roll using this attribute. / Small and speedy, Mi-reu is very, very fast on his feet, able to weave, duck, and dodge with ease…
Vulnerability Cunning Disadvantage on any roll using this attribute. / God bless him, he is simply not very smart a lot of the time.
Defense Fortitude Attacks targeting this attribute do not suffer disadvantage. / Not the most talented, but stubborn enough to get back up again and again. Learned resilience in the forest.
Will Willpower Attacks targeting this attribute do not suffer disadvantage. You gain a pool of points equal to this attribute that you can choose to add to rolls, which recovers when you suitably rest and recover. / Stubborn little mans.

Path: Expertise (Beastmastry)


  • Elf: As an elf, Mi-reu is long-lived, and at a tender 69 years of age is still a young adult. If not literally murdered, he will likely live upward of hundreds of years. Very sensitive senses, due to this and also the raised by beasts thing.
  • Beastmaster: Having grown up literally raised by animals after the untimely deaths of his parents, Mi-reu has a huge affinity and respect for animals, and prefers to fight alongside them in battle with his own weapon. Can talk to animals and get the gist of what they’re thinking in return but just the gist; he can’t 100% accurately communicate with animals. Also just has a Knack for taming and befriending animals.
  • Herbalist: Has a pretty accurate and large wealth of knowledge of various herbs and plants in the area. Knows how to use them for various things, including healing!
  • Magpie: Has an eye for shiny things, treasure, and little trinkets. In this case, a metaphorical magpie rather than a physical one.


  • Unsocialized: Considering the whole, raised in the wilds by animals thing, Mi-reu’s manners and social considerations are… lacking. Does badly in social situations with ‘normal’ people.


  • Beastmastry: Ability to befriend, tame, and command most animals, beasts, and creatures! Animal husbandry, knowledge of animals, etc.
  • Leathor Armor: scavenged from already-dead animals! or at least, he hopes they were
  • Crossbow & Bolts: main wearpon.
  • Wolpertinger: “Wolpi”. The animal that Mi-reu fights alongside the most! Has known Mi-reu for years now.



  • Description: Mi-reu was orphaned at a young age by an evil wizard and raised in the wild by various animals before adapting into ‘proper’ society later in life.
  • Duration: From the time it happened until present day, Mi-reu is still Not Over It, which is like, entirely fair.
  • Cure: Getting revenge would probably help (?). As would forming new familial-esque bonds with others, considering most of Mi-reu’s socialization is animals.

the intent of aspects is that they are separate stats! at least in how i envision them working, you can’t pick the same stat twice

wait, as in the evil wizard is his dad or the evil wizard killed his parents

good flaw

oh beans i was afraid of that LOL, i’ll edit it here in a bit, about 2 go get my hair cut.

the evil wizard killed his parents but he was taken in by forest creatures.

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