Name: Mita

Sheet Version: v0.7


Mita (They/She) is a small blue kobold. Due to them spending most of their life in solitude, they are extremely skittish and tend to avoid confrontation. However, they will be more confident in the presence of someone familiar. They lack horns, but have large triangular ears in their place. Around their body they wear a brown robe with a checkered pattern. She is 18 inches tall (46 cm)

mita shade

Path: Path of Expertise

Abilities & Aspects

Proficiency Level (PL) Physical Health (HP) Metaphysical Health (MP) Determination Pool
3 10 7 6
Power Agility Fortitude Willpower Cunning Ego
3 7 6 4 6 5
Aspect Attribute Explanation
Strength Agility Advantage on any roll using this attribute.
Vulnerability Power Disadvantage on any roll using this attribute.
Defense Fortitude Attacks targeting this attribute do not suffer disadvantage.
Determination Cunning Attacks targeting this attribute do not suffer disadvantage. You gain a pool of determination points equal to this attribute that you can choose to spend on rolls before rolling, which recovers when you suitably rest and recover.


  • Short
  • Tactical
  • Caring


  • Almost illiterate


  • Cold-resistant: Mita has spent a lot of time in cold environments with nothing but their robe to keep them warm. They have gotten used to being cold and are very resistant to cold temperatures.

  • Experienced camper: Mita lived in the forest for some of their life and subsequently learned how to quickly set up and take down a simple campsite.


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