[OPEN] wyx's shop, open for business!

Theme song: wyx's Music

It’s a warm summer day, and the sun is cresting over the trees westward where the road stretches towards. On the opposite direction to the east, the road turns into a fork, one going northeastern and another headed south. The area, while sitting in the middle of a heavy forest, is pleasingly sparse with vegetation, sitting in a small clearing that seems perfect for a meeting spot for travelers.

Chomps the giant turtle yawns lazily, his head movement not disturbing the miniature house on his back. Suddenly, a small kobold appears in front of his head wielding a large toothbrush, and before he can react, the kobold manages to start brushing the turtle’s teeth.

“Chomps, don’t chomp!” wyx demands cheerily, and Instead of snapping shut like you’d expect, the turtle eyeballs wyx with a hint of love in his eyes.

Any traveller down the road would clearly see a table beside Chomps is laid out with several bags and many bottles. A small but sturdy-looking ramp sits behind the table, its path leading up into the small shack on the turtle’s back. The table and ramp look comfortable in shade thanks to the canvas flap overhang that juts magically out from the house, held up by seemingly nothing.

It’s obvious by the burlap sacks and boxes visible inside the house that this kobold is loaded!!!

A small banner hanging off the table marks what this scene is. It reads, “wyx’s shop!” in softly glowing red letters. Anyone who looks at it too long will be subjected to a mind-affecting illusion that reads differently based on how much they’ve seen it. Advertisements for various magic items will be visualized in the viewer’s head as long as they’re interested in purchasing anything from the magical curiosities shop; otherwise it leaves the viewer completely unaffected.

It’s apparent to any viewer: all sorts of magical items are sold here!

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Up the path that leads northeast (upward and eastern, miles and miles away) lies a tower that spirals up and up and up into the clouds, and in that tower dwells not a prince, princess, or princen, but a dragon. Not a wyrm, wyvern, lung, nor kobold, (though, if you simply HAD to categorize them, closest to perhaps a particularly… furry lung), but a veritable chimera of a dragon (but not a chimera either!) by the name of Lark, though they were known to answer to the call of many another bird as well!

The dragon Lark was a powerful wizard, specializing primarily in flower-related magic, using flowers as material components for spells and potions, catalysts, casting spells On flowers, and what have you. Unfortunately, however: while they had no issue in growing plants, in fact, being a skilled gardener themself, they could not generally grow them in the quantities they needed, or they needed something that grew in another city, country, continent.

Whatever the reason, and so, they ventured forth from their tower in the sky on this fine day to restock their reserves of material components, maps of new and exciting places, and most importantly, flowers. In layman’s terms: it was grocery shopping day.

Lark didn’t so much walk down the road as flounce, their tail swishing gracefully, purple cloak flowing behind them, their movements fluid. They approached the kobold wyx’s stand in the forest like one might approach a potential lover at a bar, if one were particularly smug and assured of themself.

And then, they see the banner hanging off of the table, and pause, expression faltering, just for a moment.

Oh~? Oh, oh, oh, what’s thiiiis?

Magic. A deeply magical sign. Gorgeous. Fantastic, even!

“How much for the sign, darling?” The question not entirely in jest. Lark asks this question as they curl upward to their full six and a half foot height before returning to all fours. They will inquire about flowers after they get a reaction from this kobold.

A dragon? A bird? A… lung? Creature… this must clearly be a friend. wyx pats Chomps and smiles at this new person, then waggles the oversized toothbrush and it disappears in a pouch on their hip.

“Hi! The sign? Well, it’s not actually a permanent effect. Y’see, I dingle dangle my claws like this-” flicks wrist “-and then this happens-” and a strange red light wisps out to the sign, which goes blank for a moment, then starts flashing:

eat at joe's

Then the sign returns to its previous state.

“I mean, surely one as capable as you-” wyx points in an otherworldly gesture at Lark’s mana, then continues, “could muster a spell such as this, yes? If not, I definitely have something for that, gimme a sec.”

wyx walks up the steps to their little shop house on top of chomps and then runs into an invisible wall. “Oops,” they say, and they waggle their claws again and then move through the air, which is no longer solid.

Despite there being a window, once wyx moves past the door frame, they disappear from sight… then in another moment, they appear in the window wiggling a wand. “Here you go! If you just need a wand, I just need a trade. Or a favor! I don’t mind buying favors.” They smile genuinely and happily!

Lark places a hand on their chest in an exaggerated mien as the kobold before them wiggles their little clawed paws like so, and suddenly, the sign changes, flashes, then returns to how it was. “Who is Joe?” they demand in much the same manner as they had inquired about the sign. How much of it is Real and how much is overdramatics is to be seen.

“Of ~course~ I can!!” the dragon interjects, watching as wyx runs into an invisible wall (“Are you a mime as well as a merchant?” they question as it happens), and then the nostrils of their doglike nose flare as they huff slightly. “My dear kobold, I am not here to procure a wand, I assure you. I… appreciate the offer, though.” Lark waves their pawed hand and from that springs a purple flower cloaked in purple sparkles that rapidly fade; it’s a purple anemone, plucked via magical means directly from their garden, and Lark offers it to wyx. “A peace offering? Besides, I’ve come for other things today.”

A scroll of parchment, also bathed in purple sparkles and miasma, appears from nowhere and hovers in front of Lark, who lazily unfurls it. “I have a shopping list!” they announce. “Do you have any pomegranates?”

“Good question,” wyx says, then disappears back into the shop. Some loud noises can be heard. A few flying squirrels jump out and glide away into the forest.

The kobold jumps out of the window suddenly next to the wizard with eyes shining bright. “Really? Oh dear, what could it be?” wyx holds out their hands cupped in order to gently grab it. “Is it… still alive?” they ask, clearly hoping to hear an affirmative answer.

wyx had never witnessed competent gardening magic before and was absolutely in love with the flower.

Despite being too distracted to look at the shopping list, wyx nods and whistles a little tune. Quiet stomping of feet suddenly emanate from in the shop, and a little pot with very healthy looking soil floats out, followed by a small bag. It’s very obvious to a magic practicioner that wyx must have some Unseen Servants mulling about.

“I will happily trade you my enchanted soil for this! I only have the one right now, but once per week you can plant a seed and it will sprout a tiny tree that makes full sized fruits, even if it’s not much yield. It’s very good for snacking when traveling!”

As if to perform a demonstration, the bag unfurls, and some invisible force starts ruffling through it. A small pomegranate seed pops out suddenly, and is hurriedly planted into the potted soil. The pot is then lowered slowly to the ground.

wyx moves past the pot to walk into the store, and taking a little bit of time, returns in the window with a now-potted anemone flower.

Over the span of a couple of minutes, a small tree begins to grow out hastily from the pot to a small but lush size, until another couple of minutes later, five beads begin to form and unfurl from its branches, which begin to sag a little from the size of the fruit.

“See?” wyx says proudly. “I have some elf friends who share this with me every once in a while. The dirt doesn’t last more than a year or so, but there’s almost no limit to its use other than you have to wait a week before a seed will spirit the same way. The tree will even bear fruit daily, but then wither after some number of fruits have been picked, which changes based on the fruit, so don’t pick em too aggressively and the tree will keep them nice and fresh!”