rumors thread

rumors thread. feel free to add your own. ill choose to add them to the top post if accepted as true. otherwise they are just rumors.

if you want your rumor to be canonically true, please dm me.

  • there is a dragon beneath the earth of kobold town. it is larger than the entire nation. it is real. it exists. nobody knows when it ever was awake. but it is real, and the caves to get to it are so dangerous not even wyx would try to find it- not even with a proper party.
  • The Kobuilder is very important to the village, but not many people are old enough to remember why.
  • The Dragon Turtle is a revered animal here. They are small, but very dangerous, but are good natured and will generally not harm you if you genuinely mean them no ill will. (Think Moopsy, but docile.)
  • Yes, there are a lot of kobolds and monsters here. Yes, it will be weird. Yes, it’s safe. Yes, you’ll get over it.
  • Please tell the beast keeper his basilisk is loose again! I swear, that dog is a ALWAYS ready to hunt, you’d think he never fed it every time it was ready for food! (I heard he even feeds it WAGYU.)
  • The mail system is strange, but it turns it that mail tunnels drawn between a central place and individual mail boxes with magically automated sorting is EXTREMELY efficient. The magicians do a great job keeping it going!
  • A kobold child’s rumor: I… I HEARD… sniff … PFARIN RIPPED OUT A… an ogre’s throat with his teeth… scary… glad he’s on our side… (this is an exaggeration of his survival with an ambush.)
  • Charlie will be the next dragon? What does that even mean? As in, the dragon under the earth?
  • There’s a thieves guild. They are… tolerated.
Meta details that are true but are more meta facts than rumors. - (Meta) The Mayor has yet to be defined as a character.