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Welcome to Kobold Town! Theme song here.

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Hi Y’all! It’s me, wyx the kobold! Also known as your pal Ames! It’s me!

My pronouns are they/them and I’m the admin of this site.

I hope you enjoy your stay, and if you have any questions about its use and what you want to do here, hit me up!

yip yip yip!!!

wyx sit! by keinga kobold


hey everynyan, it’s me, silas! i’m a queer nb trans man and i use he/they/it pronouns! i live in the midwest united states and am a certified pharmacy technician!!

am also furby, tbh.

(art by Doutarina)

you can find me at most places as either @/silas or @/prophetesque!!

i’ve been roleplaying since i was a child so i have a ton of experience, however i am Decidedly Rusty given how busy i am/how little energy i have from work. i am excited to try again, tho!

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hi folks!!

it’s Orion your local trans queer artist and nonbinary catboy, he/they pronouns !

I work full time as a motion designer, illustrator, and arts educator online!


You can find my work and keep up with my socials and life through ovaettr.gay ~

Lime the Nekomata is my mascot and main fursona. He is a shapeshifter just like me.

& that’s it!! <3 See y’all around this fantastic lil forum! :3c yip!


It’s me! Chaotic Good(?) Experimental Rhythm-less Bard!
I mostly draw things. Go by WilcoWeb most places, you’re welcome to call me Kevin or any variant you can come up with


hello!!! im beans

i go by he/him and i am a minor

i know …basically nothing about ttrpgs but i think they are really cool and i’d love to learn!!!

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hey hi beans thanks for coming in!!! hope it’s fun!!

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hello! i am owls.

i’ve played a bunch of ttrpgs (5e, starfinder, 13th age, paranoia). big fan of the eberron setting (even despite the biggest city being destroyed. heroism is hard okay). here’s my last eberron character.

this seems like a nice place!


Howdy do, im fiz (he/they) im an artistic guy and lil guy. along with tabletop, i play alot of vrchat and mobile games.

My links can be found here (The web site of plaguesponderings)


always love seeing new kobold friends drop by

Hi I’m Nora!! I use they/them and ze/hir. I’m a jeweler and amateur worldbuilder and I am working on a koboldsona!!! I also make bots sometimes.


I’m Entropy!! I use they/them and it/its pronouns, I’m a worldbuilder, and I am a dragon :3

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