What do you want to see happen here?

Give me your ideasssssss

I will probably start a research pile or contribution effort towards making zines.

Like, im specifically working on an introduction to the nonbinary umbrella and i wanted to include interviews with nonbinary people so i might pose questions people can voluntarily respond to and give me an alias to call them or anonymous in the zine.

Like this is a great place that is archival and would be good for efforts like that

Also i want to start a thread soon about lgbtq history and your favourite moments, and if you have any photos from that time saved, stuff like that, idk NERD SHIT!!!

I also will defnitely roleplay too. I need that creative outlet again.

I might draw / sketch out rp shenanigans too

fuck yessssss

i started a private group and category called the-full-picture i will explain more there

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