wyx, the Arcane Trickster FES Character Sheet

Name: wyx

Sheet Version: v0.9


wyx (they/them) is a small-sized brown-scaled kobold who wears a green tunic, shawl, and leather armor. They have horns that curve backwards, one of which is adorned with a gold ring, and ears that are pierced and adorned with 3 gold earrings on either side. Under the earrings, wyx’s ears are ripped and healed long ago, so it’s hard to tell they were ever damaged. wyx’s tail is relatively long for a kobold, but not too big, and adorned with a large golden ring just under their tunic.

Scrawled across the kobold’s body are faintly glowing red arcane runes. While they last a long time, wyx redraws them every day, ensuring they have enough power to function as a limiter that prevents them from being automatically drafted into The Skeleton War. Due to this high level of magic required to ward off the divine draft, wyx is typically only capable of up to 3rd or 4th level spells.

wyx’s favorite pastimes are:

  • Helping adventurers
  • Brewing potions
  • Committing crimes & tricks
  • Exploring abandoned ruins to search for treasure
  • Buying, selling, trading, and loaning magical items
  • Befriending & taking care of animals
  • Pacifism

In general, they have access to a ludicrous amount of gear in various bags and boxes of holding.

Chomps is often seen with their materialized phantasmal steed, Chomps the giant turtle, who is capable of moving very fast despite his size. The turtle is often seen carrying the kobold’s gear, but sometimes wyx stores the goods in their personal pocket dimension so Chomps can get a break.

Path: Expertise

Abilities & Aspects

Proficiency Level (PL) Physical Health (HP) Mental Health (MP) Determination Pool
6 9 13 7
Power Agility Fortitude Willpower Cunning Ego
3 6 4 5 6 7
Aspect Attribute Explanation
Strength Cunning Advantage on any roll using this attribute.
Vulnerability Power Disadvantage on any roll using this attribute.
Defense Agility Attacks targeting this attribute do not suffer disadvantage.
Determination Ego Attacks targeting this attribute do not suffer disadvantage. You gain a pool of determination points equal to this attribute that you can choose to spend on rolls before rolling, which recovers when you suitably rest and recover.


  • Kobold
  • Rogue
  • Arcane
  • Beastfriend


  • Pacifist


Leather Armor +3

  • Effect: Advantage on physical defense, +3 to physical defense rolls.
  • Duration: while equipped
  • Limits: while equipped

Rogue skills:

  • Effect: wyx is proficient in lock picking, trap spotting/disarmament, sneaking, etc.
  • Duration: n/a
  • Limits: standard physical limits

Hoard of Magic Items

  • Effect: Can find a magic item somewhere in there. Probably anything if wyx looked really hard.
  • Duration: n/a - depends on the item
  • Limits: Finding powerful things likely requires some kind of searching magic to find in a reasonable time. Most things easily findable are likely on the weaker magic side.

Arcane Magic

  • Effect: Access to cast spells. Not all spells that can be cast are listed here, will add as it becomes relevant.
  • Duration: varies
  • Limits: While wyx has a lot of arcane power, most of it is spent on casting a binding spell every day on their body, so most of wyx’s magic boils down to setting traps, illusions, summoning Chomps, accessing pocket dimensions, and creating invisible forces.

Nature Affinity

  • Effect: wyx is able to communicate with and befriend natural & magical beasts.
  • Duration: n/a
  • Limits: wyx does not have the ability to dominate creatures, so this is effectively just diplomacy with creatures.


  • Effect: Can put magic into potions.
  • Duration: depends on the spell
  • Limits: requires crafting materials & tools

Arcane Runes of Binding

  • Effect: Binds wyx’s soul to their body, effectively preventing death, which would cause problems beyond wyx’s physical expiration. When wyx dies, they come back to life in convenient ways, even if their body was otherwise mangled or disintegrated.
  • Duration: If wyx were somehow incapacitated for long enough, it would likely take a couple of weeks for their runes to expire.
  • Limits: n/a

Demonic Faery Soul

  • Effect: wyx’s soul is inextricably bound to a demonic fae. Upon death, wyx’s soul will transform into a natural disaster that will mark the beginning of The Skeleton War.
  • Duration: indefinite
  • Limits: see arcane runes of binding

Spell List


  • Effect: Can infuse their arcane magic with their soul’s power to magically heal wounds.
  • Duration: instant
  • Limits: Can’t cure traumas due to arcane runes of binding, only hit points.



Arcane Trap

Summon Steed

Pocket Dimension

Spectral Force

See also: FES: Acquisitions and Traumas


Demonic Faery Soul

  • Description: A powerful corrupted nature spirit is bound within wyx, locking them into a permanent cycle of death and rebirth. wyx doesn’t remember their past lives, but knows that they’ll be pulled into The Skeleton War if they let it loose.
  • Duration: indefinite
  • Cure: Uncurable. There is no way to differentiate between the soul of wyx and the soul of the demon bound to them.

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