The Adventurer's Guild: Job Board

The Adventurer’s Guild Job Board

Kobold Town is a fairly busy hub. As a self-sufficient town on free land, it prides itself as being the glue that binds together many different kingdoms despite being fairly remote from most other civilizations. This is demonstrable in the job board - many different requests from many different places show up here, and adventurers of all kinds check in for work.

Open Adventures

An Open Adventure is one that anyone can take on. If you would like to take an adventure, respond in this thread with which adventure you want to take to become the Party Leader. The Party Leader will take responsibility for gathering all participants of the adventure together in the relevant thread for the adventure. Once such an adventure is taken, the adventure is moved to Closed. If you want to create an adventure, DM me or respond in this thread and we’ll set it up!

Not all Open Adventures might be posted here. If you want to organize an adventure outside of the job board, just add the Open tag to your post to indicate others are welcome to join!

Open Adventure List

This adventure will be continually open until enough has happened to warrant replacing it.

This adventure is a simple party in the guild’s tavern for the graduating class - feel free to jump in and introduce your character there! Any characters that are not player characters with full character sheets are allowed to be controlled if you want to play with any NPCs.

Uncover the lindwyrms’ lair and find a solution to the problem without killing all of them!

Closed Adventures

Closed adventures are removed from the job board, but can still be viewed by looking at the Closed tag.

Closed does not necessarily mean that an adventure is not able to be joined - whoever is the Party Leader gets to control who can join. Think of it like being a small-time gamemaster - you get to decide who participates, and will generally have the most control over how a story unfolds. But, if you’re not the Party Leader, this doesn’t mean you don’t get to control the story! FES is intended to encourage collaboration for the direction & involved challenges.

If you are a Party Leader and someone joins your thread without permission, please contact me!


You are welcome to utilize the forums to organize yourselves more or less however you like! I recommend that if you need to discuss things out of character that you either create an OOC thread, or generally discuss it elsewhere.

I can even create a custom chat room for you on the forum if you ask!